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'She and I were unstoppable:' Facing PTSD, an Auburn veteran's life was saved by his dog.



CIARA'S FIRST and sure to be Coolest Bad Product we are putting out there. As She Fought For Our Countries Freedom She Now Serves another Great Cause, Combating PTSD and Fighting For all the Heroes Who Keep our Nations Freedom Safe so they too can have their own peace. Join us an Purchase a T-Shirt to help us continue our cause. Thank You. 

If there are products you all may want from us make suggestions under our contact section. We would be glad to look into more products these are just our starting point we certainly will be having more. Also let us know what you think of our website or if you have come out to our concerts or if you have pics from being with us and would like us to post them to the site we would even start up a fan photo section in the future. 


CIARA & I both Fought for our Countries Freedom, Then for our own Freedom in Our Hearts and Minds to Be able to Live a Joyful Happy Life With Purpose. While this was not Easy We Both Service One Mission Now Together as a Team To Serve Helping Other Overcome Because of the Sacrifices They Have Made So Selflessly. This T-Shirt was Taken In Our Nations Capital With An American Flag that Has Flown over the Empire State Building, At the PBR Finals in LasVegas, at a UFC Fight in Madison Square Garden, on the Set of Americas Got Talent During Season 14, and at our front doorstep to represent so many past and present. We hope you will join us in our Mission. 

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